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Oil & Gas System Service

Sochia's Oil & Gas System Service

For oil and gas heating systems, we offer complete service and repairs. Rest easy knowing that we offer 24-hour emergency oil burner service and heating system service for your safety. Should you need heating system parts repaired or replaced, or if you are interested in installing a new heating system, our technicians provide prompt, high-quality work.

Keep your heating system running reliably, efficiently, and safely with an annual tune-up from one of our expert technicians. This service includes our 32-Point Inspection during which we extensively check all parts of your equipment. A boiler or furnace that is tuned and maintained properly can reduce your annual energy costs by 10% and can significantly extend the life of your equipment. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (508) 476-2278 and let us check on the safety of your domestic hot water heating system as well.

Our 32-Point Inspection includes the following steps:

  1. Clean and check boiler flues
  2. Check combustion chamber
  3. Check chimney base
  4. Clean and check smoke pipe
  5. Replace nozzle
  6. Replace oil filter and gasket
  7. Flush oil line
  8. Clean pump strainer
  9. Check fuel flow
  10. Clean cad-cell eye transformer block
  11. Check igniter porcelains and high tension leads
  12. Check burner end cone
  13. Clean burner fan and air shutter
  14. Check burner pump coupling
  15. Check oil discharge pressure
  16. Check for flame safety lockout
  17. Check for high limit safety
  18. Check for L.W.C.O. operation
  19. Drain expansion tank, if necessary
  20. Check for service switch operation
  21. Lubricate burner motor
  22. Lubricate circulator motor and bracket
  23. Lubricate blower motor and bearings
  24. Check gauge glass and washers
  25. Check blower belt
  26. Check dust stops and air filters
  27. Check piping conditions
  28. Check for oil leaks at tank
  29. Check for oil leaks at oil burner
  30. Clean exterior of appliance and immediate area
  31. Perform efficiency test
  32. Sticker appliances